EMTA is a non-profit Community Tennis Association (CTA) in affiliation with USTA Georgia, working to grow tennis in Rockdale, Newton and Walton counties, with an overseeing Board of Directors.



The mission of the EMTA is: To promote tennis and community involvement in a fun, social, and competitive manner. We support tennis for a tifetime of health, happiness, and community fellowship


Core Values

• Integrity • Inclusiveness • Excellence • Teamwork • Accountability


Key Elements of Our Vision:

To structure our entire organization our organization— board, staff, volunteers— in a way to best function within our current environment and thus meet our goals and objectives.


To assist in the local delivery system for USTA programs in the tricounty area Rockdale, Newton and Walton counties.


To assist in the development of a community tennis organization.


To provide the community options for playing local tennis.


To provide program support to reach a level of sustainability.


To increase the numbers of volunteers active and participating, and create an active volunteer program.


To educate and market tennis widely in the counties we serve.


To focus narrow and deep in achieving our goals.


To increase quantity of frequent players.


To provide two tournaments and two social events within the structure of our annual program, in addition to the standard league options.


To develop a plan that increases community awareness of local tennis.


To develop a plan that increases the funding of scholarships and local tennis activities in our community.


Strategic Priorities


  • Organizational effectiveness

  • Diversity/inclusiveness

  • Marketing, membership, developing resources  (financial and human)

  • Community tennis development

  • Junior high performance and scholarship programs

  • Adult/senior competitive tennis

  • Accountability

  • Volunteer programs


To achieve these goals, EMTA will:

  1. Give necessary authority to the board of directors to support creation of these programs along with the necessary staff support.

  2. Hold the Board and every committee group, volunteer and staff member accountable for understanding their charges and achieving their goals.

  3. Provide the resources, both human and financial, needed for success while being mindful of financial constraints.

  4. Supplement cash resources with the creative environment that promotes the generation of new ideas and approaches.

  5. Identify key metrics to determine success and/or failure with respect to achieving the goals identified in the EMTA strategic plan documents.

About Us

EMTA Board Members:


President:  Tom Haney

Vice President: Frank Turner

Treasurer: Joe Blount

Junior League Coordinator: Gwen Blount

Website: Allison Bodin