Team Manager/Coach Duties


• Contact possible players for your team.  Minimum team requirement is 3 girls and 3 boys, 8U minimum is 4 players.

• Determine what age division and ability level your team needs to play.

➢ Players must be age eligible through August 31st.

➢ Players with a Junior National Tennis Rating Program (JNTRP) rating at time of registrationcannot be higher than the level of the team.

➢ New USTA players or those without a computer rating should play according to the JNTRP Guidelines and criteria for beginner level must be followed.   More information on the ratings program can be found at  

• Be sure your players have current USTA memberships.

• If you have anyone who wanted to play, but does not have the skills to make the team, recommend they contact the league coordinator or refer them to a local program to help them develop the skills to keep them interested in playing tennis.



Establish days and location for team practices.

• Communicate fees and schedules to parents and children.

• Recruit other parents to help.

• Establish rules for safety, etiquette and sportsmanship.

• Promote team spirit.



• Encourage good sportsmanship and appreciation for teammates and coaches.  

• Require your players to shake hands with each other after the match.

• Advise the parents that there will be no coaching.

• Build their confidence.  Have your player’s look and act like tennis players.

• Consider a “buddy” system on the day of matches-using a player that is not playing that day to watch and encourage their “buddy”.  Be sure you teach the etiquette of tennis to spectators and players. 

• Captains may assist players on beginner teams only. If the players are having a problem with scoring or tiebreakers, both captains from the teams can assist.  Please do not sit on the court.  Please do not give strategy advice to the players.  Only help with a specific problem the players are having.



• The home team (or winning team) should enter scores in TennisLink and the opponent should confirm the scores.  Scores must be posted within 48 hours after each match of the season to determine standings or match may be scored as a double default.  If scores are not disputed during above time period, scores will stand as posted.