Jaxon Spradling BB&T Ball Boy

EMTA is proud of Jaxson who worked as Ball Boy for 2019 BB&T Open - here is his story: 


Jaxon, what got you interested in becoming a ball boy for the BB&T?


“Iwanted to be a ball person because I met some representatives from    The BB&T Open at The Rockdale Tennis Center. They were telling me about the ball person opportunity and it seemed like fun. So, I asked my parents if I could give it a try.”


“The process of becoming a ball person is simple but it takes some effort. First, you must be at least 12 years old and understand the game of tennis. Next, you have to signup for tryouts either through a ball person program at Georgia Tech called Golden Retrievers or signup in the spring for The BB&T Open Ball Person Tryouts. Finally, you have to go to the 

tryout and show that you have the speed, accuracy, and proficiency required to do the job.”


How was the experience? 


“I enjoyed being a ball person for The BB&T Open, and I even received an invitation to be a ball person during the semifinals which is rare for a first-year ball kid. I got to see tennis professionals from all around the world and I saw some tennis legends up close like Andre Agassi and Venus Williams. The highlight of the tournament for me was that I got to work as a ball kid on the first men's event of the 2019 US Open Series.”