Membership Instructions

Before players can register for a Jr Team Tennis Team,  they must have a USTA account/membership number.   See below how to create an account and get your players member number.  To join a local team, after you have the member number, follow the links on the “register now’ tab which will take you straight to the team number page of tennislink. 


As of 2021, there is no charge for a Junior Membership


Note: Make sure you are logged out of TennisLink before completing the steps below

1.     Navigate to TennisLink Tournaments Homepage

2.     Click Create A USTA Account button


3.     Under Do you play in a USTA program (Team Tennis, USTA Flex Leagues, Tournaments) without a USTA Membership? click Create Account


4.     Select I am new to TennisLink and want to create a new account

5.     Click Next 

6.     Enter child's personal information

7.     Click Next

8.     Check box 

Note: By checking the box, you are confirming that you are the parent or legal guardian of the person for whom the account is being created.

Please note for USTA memberships you are required to create a family account in TennisLink.  All players in the same family should be linked to the same account. For help call 1-800-990-8782.

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